Our Vison for the Future

“Because the brand new is unthinkable, we fight over the old” - Balaji Srinivasan

So, who are we? 

The Afropolitan Group is a Community As A Service Company (CAAS), which was founded because of the lack of opportunities, resources and unique experiences available for members of our African Diaspora community. 
This is why we've zeroed in on curating a seamless experience in Travel, Events and Media. 
Through these experiences, we are building the future of a progressive black community, which is global and decentralized.
So who is the Afropolitan? The Afropolitan is the creative, professional, multicultural and socially-conscious individual.

How It’s Going 

We’ve succeeded in catching the perfect wave to ride on, with the recent emergence of black millennials looking for experiences that cater to them. 


Black millennial travelers are a significant and influential segment of the travel industry, who for some time have been underserved. New research from DigitasLBi shows that more than 70 percent of black millennial travelers (black people between the ages of 20-36 who consider travel a priority and who are involved in booking their own travel), would pay more to travel with a brand that understands them and their identity.Mandala Research conducted a study on the rise of tourism in Africa, and the numbers are quite impressive. Tourists spent $63 billion in 2018, a huge increase from 2010 when only $48 billion 
was spent. At Afropolitan, we organize travel tours that serve to provide a rich cultural experience with the perfect blend of fun and entertainment. In 2019, we led 150 people on our Year of Return trip to Ghana. 


Eventbrite commissioned a study that revealed 78 percent of Millennials would rather spend money on experiences than any other thing. Eight in ten Millennials said experiences help shape their identity. Essentially, they’re investing in themselves by investing in experiences. And that's a market that needs empathetic, reasoned provision. Even more compelling is the resurgence of the African Diaspora. The African diaspora market has been underserved. Along with a growing Afrobeats market, Afropolitan plans to organize parties, concert tours as well as festivals that cater to the diaspora and local markets.


Black people globally/locally have been under-radioed because the infrastructure required was too expensive. The number of black voices on audio is not a true representation of voices in Africa and in the U.S. This presents an opportunity to access all the intimate and specific content that is available when you unlock African/Black voices globally. Through social audio apps such as Clubhouse, we’ve been able to build  a community of 40,000+ people globally. 

Introducing the Afropolitan Network. 

At Afropolitan, we offer a network that provides highly curated black content run by subject matter experts and expert moderators with cultural awareness, sensitivities and proximity. We’ve launched a series of podcasts that speak to the unique experiences of the diaspora.
The Afropolitan - This is where we chat with Afropolitans whose footprints form the foundation of systems dedicated to building the future of a bold and progressive black community. In each episode, our guests share their working formulas, the hard facts about leaving familiar terrain, embracing the unknown, and staying relevant afterwards. 

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